Knowledge Graph Tool

Of application and knowledge graph.

An application designed specifically for building and managing knowledge graphs.

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Software Package

  • Stardog Platform & Studio 6 facts

    An RDF-based platform for hosting knowledge graphs and a set of tools...

  • EKG 5 facts

    A collaborative, "answers" focused knowledge graph creation and management tool that can also...

  • Allegrograph SDL 5 facts

    Tools and a platform for managing a combination of semantic graph (RDF, OWL, SPARQL)...

  • Ontotext Platform 2 facts

    A set of databases, machine learning algorithms, APIs and tools used to build...

  • Anzo 2 facts

    An RDF-graph-based data discovery and integration platform.

  • PoolParty Semantic Suite 1 facts

    A semantic middleware platform for creating and editing enterprise knowledge...

  • Grakn Enterprise KGMS 0 facts

    A Knowledge Graph Management System with a visual interface.

  • Metaphactory 0 facts

    An platform for end-to-end knowledge graph management.

  • kgBase 0 facts

    A collaborative knowledge graph database with versioning, analytics & visualizations.

  • IBM Knowledge Graph Framework 0 facts

    A framework that allows enterprises to build their own knowledge graphs.

Also contains

  • WordLift 1 facts

    A service for the creation of knowledge graphs that are then used to help translate articles...