Graph Query Language

Of command language and Graph DBMS.

A computer language used to query a graph or a graph DBMS.

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  • SPARQL 2 facts

    A query language able to retrieve and manipulate data stored in Resource Description Framework...

  • EKG English 0 facts

    A controlled English sentence structure used for querying and modifying EKG knowledge...

  • Cypher 0 facts

    The query language of the neo4J graph DBMS.

  • GSQL 0 facts

    The query language of the TigerGraph Graph DBMS.

  • GraphQL 0 facts

    A data query and manipulation language for APIs that can be used to query many Graph DBMS...

  • Gremlin 0 facts

    The graph traversal language of Apache TinkerPop, a graph computing framework for graph...

  • GBL 0 facts

    The query language for GraphBase and EKG graphs (e.g. this one).