Great Britain

Of North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Europe, British Isles and kingdom.   May also be referred to as Britain, U.K., UK, United Kingdom and United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

A monarchy in northwestern Europe occupying most of the British Isles; divided into England and Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland; `Great Britain' is often used loosely to refer to the United Kingdom.

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  • arterial road 0 facts

    A major or main route.

  • beltway 0 facts

    A highway that encircles an urban area so that traffic does not have to pass through the...

Board Game

  • ludo 0 facts

    A simple board game in which players move counters according to the throw of dice.

  • shovel board 0 facts

    A game in which coins or discs are slid by hand across a board toward a mark.


  • tombola 0 facts

    A lottery in which tickets are drawn from a revolving drum.

  • lucky dip 0 facts

    A game in which prizes (e.g., candies or coins) are concealed in a container and for a...


  • snogging 0 facts

    (British informal) cuddle and kiss.

  • aggro 0 facts

    (informal British usage) aggravation or aggression; "I skipped it because it was too much...

Also contains

  • rugby 6 facts

    A form of football played with an oval ball.

  • headship 3 facts

    The position of headmaster or headmistress.

  • backbench 1 facts

    Any of the seats occupied by backbenchers in the House of Commons.

  • minister 1 facts

    The job of a head of a government department.

  • rag 0 facts

    A boisterous practical joke (especially by college students).

  • ballup 0 facts

    Something badly botched or muddled.

  • flit 0 facts

    A secret move (to avoid paying debts); "they did a moonlight flit".

  • clanger 0 facts

    A conspicuous mistake whose effects seem to reverberate; "he dropped a clanger".

  • zizz 0 facts

    A nap; "Arthur's taking a short zizz".

  • bin liner 0 facts

    A plastic bag used to line a trash or garbage bin.

  • fire watching 0 facts

    (during World War II in Britain) watching for fires started by bombs that dropped...

  • replay 0 facts

    The immediate rebroadcast of some action (especially sports action) that has been recorded...

  • betting shop 0 facts

    A licensed bookmaker's shop that is not at the race track.

  • bagatelle 0 facts

    A table game in which short cues are used to knock balls into holes that are guarded by...

  • invigilation 0 facts

    Keeping watch over examination candidates to prevent cheating.

  • supplementary benefit 0 facts

    Benefits paid to bring incomes up to minimum levels established by law.

  • panto 0 facts

    An abbreviation of pantomime.

  • MOT 0 facts

    A compulsory annual test of older motor vehicles for safety and exhaust fumes.

  • pony-trekking 0 facts

    A sport in which people ride across country on ponies.

  • fare-stage 0 facts

    A section along the route of a bus for which the fare is the same.

  • rustication 0 facts

    Temporary dismissal of a student from a university.

  • go-slow 0 facts

    A form of protest by workers in which they deliberately slow down in order to cause problem...

  • lucky dip 0 facts

    A selection or decision purely at random; "their system of hiring people seemed to be...

  • piss-up 0 facts

    Vulgar expression for a bout of heavy drinking.

  • bar 0 facts

    A heating element in an electric fire; "an electric fire with three bars".

  • rub up 0 facts

    A review that refreshes your memory; "I need a rub up on my Latin".

  • punch-up 0 facts

    A fistfight; "the quarrel ended in a punch-up".

  • hornpipe 0 facts

    A British solo dance performed by sailors.

  • perambulation 0 facts

    A walk around a territory (a parish or manor or forest etc.) in order to officially...

  • shufti 0 facts

    A quick look around (originally military slang); "take a shufti while you're out there".

  • eleven-plus 0 facts

    (formerly in Britain) an examination taken by 11 and 12 year old students to select...

  • boot 0 facts

    British term for the luggage compartment in a car.

  • lie-in 0 facts

    A long stay in bed in the morning.

  • fives 0 facts

    A game resembling handball; played on a court with a front wall and two side walls.

  • doddle 0 facts

    An easy task.

  • costing 0 facts

    Cost accounting.

  • car boot sale 0 facts

    An outdoor sale at which people sell things from the trunk of their car.

  • clawback 0 facts

    Finding a way to take money back from people that they were given in another way; "the...

  • point duty 0 facts

    The control of traffic by a policeman stationed at an intersection.

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