Of decision making.   May also be referred to as alternative and option.

One of a number of things from which only one can be chosen; "what option did I have?"; "there no other alternative"; "my only choice is to refuse".

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  • preference 1 facts

    The right or chance to choose; "given my druthers, I'd eat cake".

  • opening 1 facts

    A possible alternative; "bankruptcy is always a possibility".

  • impossibility 1 facts

    An alternative that is not available.

  • soft option 0 facts

    An easier alternative; "the instructor took the soft option and gave the boy a passing...

  • obverse 0 facts

    The more conspicuous of two alternatives or cases or sides; "the obverse of this issue".

  • default 0 facts

    An option that is selected automatically unless an alternative is specified.

  • Hobson's choice 0 facts

    The choice of taking what is offered or nothing at all.